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Meal Planner [Simple Aesthetic] - Notion Template

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Organize your meal planning process with this simple and efficient template that offers the easiest way to

  • plan out your meals for the week,
  • automatically create grocery lists,
  • and easily save your favorite recipes all in one place

I created this template to develop a system for my family and I to create meal plans each week. This drastically reduced food waste and unnecessary spending at the grocery store and ensured that we had something planned to eat every day!

What's Inside

  • A weekly meal plan overview to easily organize and view your meal plan for the week
  • A meals database that curates ingredients for your shopping list
  • A grocery shopping list that automatically populates based on your planned meals. You can also add items to this list
  • An archive of previous meal plans to look back on and grab inspiration from
  • A recipes database to plug in your favorite recipes

Who This Is For

  • Someone looking to save time and energy when planning out their meals. This simple meal planning system is the perfect solution.
  • Someone looking to create a comprehensive meal plan for health and/or budgeting reasons
  • A household (roommates, couple, family, etc.) who wants a collaborative system for planning meals, sharing shopping lists, and exchanging recipes


  • Is this template customizable? Yes! Once you have this template in your Notion, you may make any aesthetic or organizational changes that could make the template more suitable to your needs.
  • Are there instructions on how to use the template? Yes! Each page has instructions on what everything is and how to best use it.
  • What happens once I purchase the template? Once purchased, you will be redirected to a Notion template page where you can then duplicate the page into your own Notion account.

Thank you!

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Weekly Meal Plan Overview
Meals Database
Grocery List
Recipe Database
Previous Meal Plan Archives
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Meal Planner [Simple Aesthetic] - Notion Template

3 ratings
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